Village of Coleman
A Small Village with a BIG Heart!


Commercial / Industrial

Properties for Sale or Lease


1.   Closed gas station with pumps and convenience store

2.   Old furniture store with three apartments above it

3.   Closed car wash with 1 automatic and 2 self-service stalls

4.   Several new spaces available at mini-mall located at interchange

5.   Large building (approx. 127,000 sq. ft.) This could be partitioned

         to fit your needs. Loading docks and railroad access are added benefits

      to this location.  It also features some areas with high ceilings which

      would be a benefit for storage for example.  There are also some areas

      with lower ceilings if that would better fit your needs. (You may contact

      Tom Kuchta at 715-582-3390 to discuss this property or Glenn as below.)


The Village of Coleman has undeveloped land available for purchase with water

and sewer availability. Three phase available and railroad access.


For further information on any location, contact Glenn at (920) 897-2528 and

give the number(s) of the location(s) you are interested in.