Recycling Center

Garbage and r​ecycling collection

The Village of Coleman contracts with GFL Environmental for weekly curbside residential garbage and recycling collection.  Single-family detached homes and homes with two attached units (such as duplexes) are included in the Village’s contract with GFL.  Homes with three or more attached units (such as townhomes) are not included in the Village’s contract. 

The Village of Coleman Residents are charged through Marinette County Property Tax Service as a special charge on your tax bill. The fee for garbage/recycle collection starting on your 2022 tax bill will be $170.00 per household. This comes out to be $3.27 per week to get rid of your waste/recyclables.

For questions, comments, concerns or to report a missed pickup, contact the Village at (920) 897-2234. 

The recycle center for Village residents is located by the Wastewater Treatment Plant, behind Dama Heating, at 718 Business Hwy 141 N.

There are three (3) separate areas for you to drop off your yard waste.  They are as follows:

Area #1

This area will be designated for all grass clippings and leaves.

Area #2 –

This area will be designated for brush with a thickness of under 5 inches.

Area #3 –

This area will be designated for brush with a thickness greater than 5 inches.  All brush that falls into this category     must be cut into 4 foot lengths for easier disposal. 

2024 Recycle/Trash Pickup Schedule

The Village of Coleman holds two (2) clean up days each year.  Spring clean up is held mid-May and Fall clean up is typically held mid-October.  These clean up days allow you the opportunity to dispose of items such as furniture, mattresses, and such at no cost.  There is a 2 yard limit per household (approximately one pick up load). 

  • Recycle Center Price List  (No admittance after 3:00 PM)

Items taken to the dumpster must be approved by Dennis or the attendant on duty.

Large Items – $15.00  

Examples: Bed Springs Mattress

Garage Door Large Window

Couch Washer/Dryer

Recliner/Chair Door


Medium Items – $10.00

Examples: Kitchen Chair

Radio Computer

Small Window



Small Items – Place in weekly garbage – The recycle center will not accept 

   anything that can be picked up at the curb.

Waste oil will be accepted in it’s own container.

Any metal that is scrap, should be left outside the dumpster

Items NOT Accepted: Freezers/Refrigerators Tires

Air Conditioners Dehumidifiers


Building Materials are only accepted on designated fall and spring clean up 


If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact our Public Works Supervisor, Dennis Gross, at 920-591-0076, or call the municipal building.

Recycling Schedule Can Be Found Here

Recycling Price List Can Be Found Here

Spring Clean-Up

Fall Clean-Up