Our garbage pick-up is every Friday of the week unless there is a holiday prior to Friday, then pick-up will be on Saturday of that same week (see schedule).  Notice that one week it will be trash/paper, and then the following week it will be trash/comingle.  You are also entitled to a recycle bin, free of charge.  Please call (920) 591-0076 to receive your recycle bin.  Place only plastic, tin, glass and aluminum in this bin.  Garbage must be placed at the end of your driveway by 7:00 am on the mornings of the pick-up schedule.  Any large items, such as mattresses, couches etc. can be taken to our recycle center, on days when it is open (see schedule), for a fee.  The driver has been instructed to tag and leave any garbage not permitted on curbside, or to leave recyclables that are not disposed of in the proper manner listed below.

Following is an outline of acceptable materials and how to prepare them:

  1. Newspapers and cardboard should be bundled or bagged in PAPER bags. (Plastic bags are not acceptable.)
    1. Magazines, junk mail (including window envelopes) and cardboard are accepted in brown paper bags or bundled with twine
    2. Keep newspapers and magazines separate
    3. Do not place newspapers on the bottom of the bin
  2. Glass jars and bottles, clear or colored, should be rinsed out to prevent odor problems and spilling.
    1. Paper labels may be left on.
    2. Glass, such as, light bulbs, window glass, drinking glasses, and dishes are NOT recyclable
    3. Do not break the glass
  3. Labels on Tin and Bi-metal cans are encouraged to be removed.  Cans should be rinsed to prevent odor problems.
    1. It is helpful to cut both ends out of the cans and crush them to save space
    2. Large metal items will not be accepted
  4. Aluminum cans should be rinsed and also crushed to help save space.
  5. Plastics #1 and #2
    1. Bottles only
    2. Rinse bottles clean
    3. Remove caps
    4. Plastic oil containers are not recyclable

The following items will not be accepted by GFL at any time:

Leaves, lawn clippings, brush, burning barrels, ashes, waste oil, batteries, scrap metal, and appliances


Below are the current rates for water and sewer service in the Village of Coleman effective 6/15/2023

Base QuarterlyBase QuarterlyBase QuarterlyBase Quarterly
Water ChargeSewer ChargeWater ChargeSewer Charge
5/8-inch meter   $27.00$  94.873-inch meter    $165.00$ 497.80  
3/4-inch meter   $27.00$115.284-inch meter    $261.00$ 945.61
1-inch meter    $33.00$115.286-inch meter $515.00$1433.69   
1 1/4-inch meter $45.00$115.288-inch meter    $765.00  
1 1/2-inch meter $66.00$194.4810-inch meter $855.00
2-inch meter    $78.00$346.1512-inch meter $930.00  

Plus Volume Charge (Water):

First     100,000   gallons used per quarter         $5.34 per 1,000 gallons

Next     400,000   gallons used per quarter        $4.10 per 1,000 gallons

Next   3,500,000  gallons used per quarter         $3.36 per 1,000 gallons

Plus Volume Charge (Sewer):

Flat Rate of $6.44 per 1,000 gallons used up to 999,999 per quarter

  • Following is information, regarding the installation of a water only meter and the charges that apply to the installation and service:

Prior to any installation, you will need to hire a plumber to perform preliminary work.

Coleman Water & Sewer Initial Meter Installation Charge ————- $48.00

Reconnection Fee: $48.00 normal working hours. $56.00 after 3:00pm and on weekends ( If you get disconnected for non payment this fee must be paid before we can reconnect.)

Final Read Fee: $25.00

Rental Fee Charged for the Use of Water Only Meter:

5/8” or ¾” Meter———————-$13.50 per quarter or $4.50 per month

1” Meter——————————- $16.50 per quarter or $5.50 per month

1 ¼” Meter—————————–$22.50 per quarter or $7.50 per month

1 ½” Meter—————————–$33.00 per quarter or $11.00 per month

2” Meter——————————–$39.00 per quarter or $13.00 per month

Your regular house meter is charged $5.34 per 1,000 gallons for water usage and $6.44 per 1,000 gallons for sewer usage, which totals $11.78 per thousand.  By using a “Water Only” meter for watering lawns, watering gardens, washing vehicles, filling pools and such, you are saving $6.44 per thousand gallons.  Below is an example of your savings:

If you use 100 gallons a day for watering in the summer, for a total of 90 days, you will use 9,000 gallons of water.  

Without a “water only” meter you would pay—-$106.20

With a “water only” meter you would pay——–$48.06

A savings of—————————————-$58.14

For additional information, or to set up an install, please contact Darren Olson, at (920) 591-0083.

  • Utility bills are sent out Quarterly, on the following schedule:
Bill SentBill Due
December 20January 20
March 20April 20
June 20July 20
September 20October 20

  Please remember to include the top payment stub of your utility bill when making payments.

  • If you are not able to pay your Utility bill during regular business hours, there is a “Drop Box” located at the south entrance (on Main Street) of the Municipal Building.  Your envelope will drop into a safe, which the clerk routinely checks.
  • Municipal drinking water tip:  Drinking water tastes much better if poured into a pitcher and chilled for at least 30 minutes prior to drinking.


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2023 Consumer Confidence Report Data


Utility Committee members are:

Jeff Gosa

Jim Karban

David Podoski

Lori Gross

Utility Committee Meetings are the 2nd Monday of every month at 11:00 am.